Egyptian Minister Says MB, like Israel, is "Illegitimate Entity"
Egyptian Minister Says MB, like Israel, is
Sunday, July 20,2008 07:42

During his meeting with the students’ camp at Alexandria, Egyptian Minister of Legal Affairs Mofeed Shehab stressed the importance of dialogue with others who have different views and cultures. However, when a student asked him about the regime"s refusal to dialogue with the MB, he replied saying that he will not open dialogue with MB, simply because "it does not exist."

“I don’t acknowledge the Muslim Brotherhood because it’s an illegitimate entity. I can accept you as a pious person not as an organization. We dialogue with the legitimate entities only. For instance, we don’t dialogue with Israel unless it gives the Palestinian rights back” he added.

“Egypt and Israel experiences peace status rather than reconciliation. Further peace is discredited because Israel refuses to withdraw from the occupied Arab lands” he resumed.