Mauritania Islamists: Military Coup Threatens the Country’s Stability
Mauritania Islamists: Military Coup Threatens the Country’s Stability
Friday, August 8,2008 03:49

Muhammad Jamil Weld Mansour, head of the National Assembly for Reform and Development in Mauritania and an Islamist MP, said the military coup that took place in Mauritania on Wednesday is against the country"s stability and may drive the country into a crisis.



He added that the problem should have been solved through parliamentary procedures such as a vote of no confidence.


In his statements to Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel, he said "We could go through a applaudable democratic experience in Mauritania; we don"t want to retreat through coups."


He hinted at the events in which the military establishment turned the power over to the civil rulers after ousting former President Mu`aweyah Sayedi Ahmad Al-Taye` in August 2005.


He called on the Mauritanian politicians to opt for the national interests rather than their party interests.


The coup leaders have declared in their first statement the formation of the new state council presided by Weld Abdul-Aziz head of the Republican Guards and considered the disposition of the chiefs of staff of the national army and the national guards legally null. However, the new members of the council are still unknown.


Mauritanian MP Muhammad Weld Muhammad has affirmed that he heard no information regarding the formation of the new members of the state council and that the statement mentioned no relevant information. He pointed out that the coup leaders want to maintain the constitutional legitimacy in the country.