Interior Ministry Bans MB Leader From Traveling To Algeria
Interior Ministry Bans MB Leader From Traveling To Algeria
Thursday, August 21,2008 00:10

Egyptian security forces have barred Political Advisor to Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Prof. Abdul-Hamid Al-Ghazali from traveling to Algeria on Wednesday to attend the Eighth Summer University in Algeria.


Gazali is a Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University.


Ghazali was supposed to attend and participate in a workshop titled "Social Values and Reform" scheduled on 21-23 August 2008. He was to submit a research paper entitled "Impacts of Globalization on Islamic Values and its Economic and Social Consequences".


The organizing committee contacted the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that phoned the Algerian embassy in Cairo to facilitate his travel. However, Professor Al-Ghazali saw that there was no need for the embassy"s communications since he considers it his basic right to travel after the approval of Cairo University.


"The interference of Security authorities in travel procedures is a blatant violation of the key rights of Egyptians to travel abroad, particularly when the trip is related to his field of specialty. Such practices are against the interests of the country now and in the future, even against the regime itself and its allegations of protecting the people"s safety, freedoms, and all key rights. This may be the core element of this regime"s failure that is illustrated by its double-standards, lack of legitimacy, and the ongoing discontent of the people. However, we can only be patient and ensure our legal procedures that have previously maintained my right of travel and refuted the interior"s claims" Professor Al-Ghazali told Ikhwanweb.