Abdul Aziz Demands Rights of American Warship Victim
Abdul Aziz Demands Rights of American Warship Victim
Tuesday, September 2,2008 06:11

Abbas Abdul Aziz (member of the parliamentary bloc of Muslim Brotherhood) accused the Suez governor of exerting great pressures on the family of the victim of the American warship to please the U.S. ambassador.

"The victim"s wife, sister and their lawyer have been sent to the headquarters of the governorate Office, where great pressures were exerted on them," Abdul Aziz told the bloc"s website pointing out the dissatisfaction of the victim"s lawyer about what had happened at this meeting.

Abdul Aziz denounced violating the Egyptian citizen"s rights by the government and the Suez governor, "were this to happened with an American citizen, would the United States Administration behave as "wisely" as our government did?"

A state of deep resentment overwhelmed the family of the American warship victim last year due to the pressure exerted on them by the government represented in the governor of Suez to abandon their case and accept an inconsiderable compensation.

"I shook hands with the U.S. ambassador and reconciled with her; that"s because no one can dare to oppose the government," said Saeeda Mohamed Abdul Aal, widow of the martyr of the American warship Mohamed Fouad Afifi.

"I feel so oppressed since I had met Margaret Scooby who came after five months of the accident to console me. I was forced to abandon the case, against my will, and we have reconciled because no one can dare to oppose the government. I accepted 750 thousands as a compensation to help me confront the difficult conditions of life. I am single, with my children Rahma (6 years old), and Fouad (11 months), and I have received three checks divided according to the Islamic Shariaa," Saeeda added.