Morsi: Democracy Conforms To Islamic Shura
Morsi:  Democracy Conforms To Islamic Shura
Saturday, September 13,2008 23:15
By Mustafa Radwan


Member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau Mohammad Morsi affirmed, in his statement to Ikhwanweb, the conformity between democracy and Islamic shura, explaining the concept of Islamic democracy as a process with two wings:  mechanisms and a management system.


The first refers to the people"s right and authority to choose the person who will manage their affairs.  As for the management system, Morsi pointed out that it should operate within the framework of Islam which opens the doors for research and development efforts in certain areas of detail.  This Islamic framework guarantees the nation"s survival and the protection of common moral values from that which contradicts natural human disposition. 


Morsi called to attention the existence of a great number of constitutions in both the eastern and western worlds, each of them distinctive in their own way such as the American constitution which makes natural citizenship a condition for U.S. presidency. 


He added that similarly there are some constitutions which lay certain frameworks for execution that have been agreed upon by their people pointing out that this is how shura is consistent with democracy. 


He further explained that the importance lies in the purposes and meanings rather than the phrases and diction.


He reemphasized the idea that western democracy is consistent with shura in that the nation is the source of power, delegating authority over its affairs to whom it wills, and that differences in legislation from one country to another is a natural matter.