MB Chair Consoles Algerian President, Head of Hams Movement For Flood Victims
MB Chair Consoles Algerian President, Head of Hams Movement For Flood Victims
Friday, October 3,2008 17:55

MB Chair Mahdi Akef offered his deepest condolences to Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and the Algerian people for victims of the flood which struck the Algerian oasis town of Ghardaia and its surroundings on Thursday, killing 30 people and injuring 50 others.

He stressed that the MB stands by the side of the Algerian people in their calamity, and calls on the international and relief organizations to reach out to the Algerian authorities and people and help them in confronting the floods.

Akef also sent a telegram, on behalf of the MB, to the leader of the Peace Society movement Sheikh Abu Jarra Sultany, expressing his deep pain for this tragedy and stressing that he is confident that the movement"s men will be a helping hand for the Algerian authorities in this catastrophe.

The heavy rainfall had stopped Thursday, but the water is still flooding some of the streets and people remain fearful of more rainfall to flood the town inhabited by 100,000 people and located on the northern edge of the desert with.

Groups of youth have actively tried to shovel the mud away from store entrances after the heavy rains which lasted two days leaving the cars turned over on the sides of the streets due to the strong force of rushing water that spread throughout the town.

The Algerian news agency said that soldiers dispatched to secure traffic were able to take action and prevent robberies adding that 13 areas in Ghardaia were affected by the floods.

Former Algerian Prime Minister Nur El-Din Yazid Zarhudi had formerly stated that between 300 to 600 houses had drowned in the town which is 700 km south of Algiers, the capital.  Zarhudi also said that gas and electricity supplies had been cut off and food supply had either drowned or was most likely spoiled by the floods.