Mashaal: Hamas sets no conditions for internal reconciliation
Mashaal: Hamas sets no conditions for internal reconciliation
Monday, October 6,2008 13:52


DAMASCUS, Khaled Mashaal, the head of Hamas political bureau, stated Monday that his Movement does not set any condition for inter-Palestinian reconciliation, stressing the need for respecting the Palestinian constitution and the results of legislative elections in order to restore unity.


In an interview with the French Le Figaro, Mashaal also underlined the need for rebuilding the security apparatuses according to professional and national bases, the need for respecting previous agreements and declaring the willingness to rebuild PLO gaining unanimity.


The Hamas leader criticized the ongoing negotiations between the PA in Ramallah and the Israel which take place as the Israeli occupation continues to expand settlements and the apartheid wall and besiege the Gaza Strip.


The Hamas leader expressed his belief that the current PA-Israeli negotiations cannot be serious because the Israeli leaders reject to withdraw from the 1967 borders, to recognize the Palestinian refugees" right to return to their homes as well as the Palestinian rights in eastern Jerusalem and to dismantle settlement outposts.


The Hamas leader pointed out that Hamas did not refuse the establishment of an independent free Palestinian state within 1967 borders.


He also stressed, in another context, the importance of the EU role in general and France in particular in the region after the US lost its credibility as a mediator and became totally biased in favor of Israel.