US Presidential Elections and American Foreign Policy
US Presidential Elections and American Foreign Policy
Tuesday, November 25,2008 05:26
By Dr. Mohamed Morsi

By: Dr. Mohamed Morsi, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau


During these critical times when the world is undergoing a phase of conflicts, turmoil and instability; where unjust wars are being launched and turmoil prevail; where power is becoming the master of the universe; and the rights of the weak are violated by the more powerful, under this deteriorating conditions of world affairs, the US elections were held with the incumbent president to be succeeded by another president and different ruling party.


Therefore, while the US administration will probably change, will the US foreign policy towards the Muslim and Arab region also change?


During previous administrations, the US policy has overlooked human rights declarations and peoples’ self-determination right, peoples’ right to freely choose regimes and rulers in free and fair elections, condemning aggression humiliation and terrorism against individuals and peoples, illegality of occupation of lands, eradicating exploitation, colonization and fighting dictatorships, racial discrimination and protecting the earth of weapons of mass destruction and other principles that protect humanity, achieve stability, realize peace and international security. Arabs and Muslims have been the most affected by US unjust policies, and suffered from its oppression.


We would like to tell the American people that these wrong policies adopted by their successive administrations have backfired. Taxpayers’ money have been wasted in wars against innocent people in many countries, many US soldiers were killed and many people were killed and injured. Fro all this, the American people have only reaped hatred, malice and distrust by many peoples and nations on this planet.


The progress of a nation or civilization isn’t measured by their force in attacking others, they are rather assessed according to a system of values topped by justice and right.


While we are waiting for the change currently brewing in the US administration, we would like to emphasize that.


1- We do not hold enmity towards any nation or people living in peace and security based on values of humanity, justice, freedom and the equality. We want freedom for our nations and we also want it for other nations as well.


2- Islam orders Muslims to fight injustice, aggression, and terrorism against individuals or establishments. Throughout history Muslims fought occupation and resisted foreign intervention in their affairs..


3- International stability and security can’t be maintained under the current U.S. policies. Thus, it is for the benefit of the world and the American people that they see a change in the U.S. policies policy to achieve justice and fairness in resolving international conflicts.


5- We hope that the elections of a new president will restore trust between the world and the American people, which can better communication and cooperating in the future.


6- We are against injustice and we will defend our rights and support those defending their right. We support resistance against occupation in Palestine and against the unjust occupation in Iraq and other countries suffering under the American-Zionist scheme.


7- We call o the new US administration and its president to restore their country civilized and just image, so they can once again regain the appreciation and respect of the rest of the world.