Gaza Aid Convoy Blocked By Egyptian Regime
Gaza Aid Convoy Blocked By Egyptian Regime
Saturday, December 6,2008 19:56

Egyptian Central Security forces blocked on Saturday the third aid convoy that was supposed to head for the besieged Gaza strip in the morning. The convoy was to be launched from the State Council, which was blockaded by central security officers and trucks.

Security forces dispersed participants, and many of the coordinators of the convoy were harassed and mistreated by the security personnel. The head of the Public Committee for Ending Gaza Siege and vice president of Cassation Court Mahmoud Al Khodary, MB MP Hamdi Hassan, as well as a number of parliamentary members and figures of political forces were forced to abandon the gathering.

The spokesperson of the Committee Hamdi Hassan said in statements to Ikhwanweb that harassment of the convoy participants and the Egyptian national figures is "a crime committed by the regime, aiming to deliver a message that it would never respect judicial verdicts which ruled that the government has no right to ban these convoys."

Many public figures, parties representatives and Egyptian political forces participated in the convoy, as well as various human rights centers. The public committee for the Siege Ending had chosen the State Council to be its launch center, because of its great decision.