MB Requests Probe into Internet Cut in Egypt
MB Requests Probe into Internet Cut in Egypt
Monday, December 22,2008 15:31

The spokesman of MB bloc in parliament Hamdi Hassan filed an urgent statement to the Minister of Communication pertaining to the severed cables that cut the internet access in Egypt for the second time last Friday.
 People in Egypt had been surprised by the internet cut on
Friday, when all three undersea cables serving Egypt have been cut.

Hassan underlined that this is not the first time, as it had happened before at the beginning of this year, but the results of inquiries were not revealed.

Hassan asked the government to give an answer for what had been published in press about bribes related to the cables, besides the statement of the minister saying that the internet cut has a particular sensitivity for its link to some political bodies, and that the Administrative Control had arrested an engineer at the Egyptian Company for Communications and accused him of taking bribes.

The MB MP wondered how the three cables were cut all at once while their paths are far apart from each other. He asked if any piracy had took part or if it is a covert war aiming to destroy economic activities based on the high speed of the internet and communications, for the interest of certain countries or companies.

Hassan demanded the disclosure of the value of the losses to the Egyptian national economy resulting from this cut, asking if appropriate compensations are to be paid for those affected, as well as if any procedures to be taken to prevent the recurrence of this problem.