Palestinian communities in Europe slam Maleki for criticizing the resistance
Palestinian communities in Europe slam Maleki for criticizing the resistance
Monday, January 19,2009 03:34
The association of Palestinian communities and institutions in Europe strongly denounced foreign minister in Ramallah government Riyadh Al-Maleki"s statements in which he held the Palestinian resistance responsible for the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip during an interview with an Israeli journalist.

In a statement received by the PIC, Radi Al-Shuaibi, the secretary-general of the association, said that such statements justify and give a cover for Israel"s brutal and barbaric aggression on Gaza, noting that the Israeli aggression received international condemnation.

In another context, a large number of Yemeni school students and participants who attended a ceremony in support of Gaza organized by the Kanaan society (headed by a nephew of the Yemeni president) chanted slogans against ex-PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and some of his security officials.

This came when charge d"affaires of the Palestinian embassy in Sana"a Fa"yz Abdeljawad gave his speech, where dozens of the attendees started shouting slogans in favor of the Palestinian resistance and Hamas, and condemning the PA complicity with Israel during the aggression on Gaza.

In Damascus, a large mass of Palestinian and Syrian citizens participated on Sunday evening in a rally called for by the Hamas Movement to celebrate the victory achieved by the Palestinian resistance over the Israeli aggression.

On the sidelines of this massive march, Abu Mua"men, the public relations officer of Hamas popular action, told the PIC that the Palestinian masses went out to salute the Palestinian resistance in Gaza because they wagered on the resistance which proved its eligibility to achieve victories against the Israeli occupation.

For his part, Dr. Tareq Hamoud, the secretary-general of the Palestinian return assembly-Wajeb, stated to the PIC that the Palestinian resistance achieved a military victory in the battlefield against Israel and a political victory against the "moderate" Arab regimes.