26 MB Members Detained, Some Tortured
26 MB Members Detained, Some Tortured
Sunday, January 25,2009 04:24

The Ministry of Interior issued a decision ordering the detention of 26 MB members from five different governorates.  The following were detained:  Hasan Hamed, Ashraf Oweis, and Ahmed Abdel-Mon"em from Giza; Badawi Zeidan, Mohamed Tal"at, Mohamed Mahmoud, Yaser Nabawi from Cairo;  Ayman El-Sayyed, Wagih Galal, Mansour Mustafa, Sayyed Ahmed, Mohamed Mohamed Ali, Mahmoud Fahmi, and Mohamed Abdel-Fattah from Qalyubiyyah and were taken to Borg El-Arab Prison.


From Daqahliyyah, the following were detained:  Ashraf Abdel-Salam, Mohamed EL-Hady, Amr Attia, and Nader Ezzedeen as five from Kafr El-Sheikh were also detained and taken to Borg El-Arab Prison:  Mustafa Ghoneim, Mohamed Sha"ban, Ahmed Abu Zeid, Hany El-Sayyed, Abdel-Halim Badr, Mustafa Badruddin, Abdel-Hamid Abul-Ezz, and Mohamed El-Khodragy.


The arrests which took place last Saturday were for their participation in rallies in downtown Cairo called for by the MB to protest against the Israeli massacres carried out against the Palestinian people amid Arab and international silence.  Some of them were arrested at the site of the rallies while others were arrested at the train stations and were put in central security camps in Tora for four days until the decisions of their detainment were issued upon which they were transferred to prison.


Some of the detainees were exposed to torture at the hands of the of state security especially those from Giza who were tortured in Gaber Ibn Hayyan at the hands of State Security Investigations Officer Hasan Abdel-Hamid who used various forms of torture including threats, swearing, defaming, beating, and electric shocking.