Habib: MB With Inter-Palestinian Dialogue, Resistance Must Be Preserved
Habib:  MB With Inter-Palestinian Dialogue, Resistance Must Be Preserved
Thursday, February 26,2009 09:41
By Mostafa Radwan

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, MB Vice-Chair Dr. Mohamed Habib stressed the importance of supporting the Inter-Palestinian dialogue being held in Cairo between all the Palestinian factions starting today, Thursday, February 26.

"The MB is with unity," Habib added stressing the importance of preserving the Palestinian people"s option of resistance in strengthening its political legitimacy.

Habib further called on the factions to make progress at the level of breaking the siege as well as the issues of elections, rebuilding of Gaza, activating the PLO especially concerning its structure and political platform, and the national unity government.

Habib also called on paving the way for dialogue to succeed in a manner that restores trust and hope to the Palestinian people.

Habib denied any role of the MB in the current Inter-Palestinian dialogue pointing to several local and regional hindrances preventing it from doing so.

It is worthy mentioning that on Thursday morning Egyptian General Investigations Head Omar Soleiman opened the first session of the Palestinian dialogue round in the presence of all the leaders of the Palestinian forces and factions in a "positive" atmosphere.