New Punishment Measures Against MB Student Activists
New Punishment Measures Against MB Student Activists
Thursday, March 5,2009 06:10

University student activists continue to be chased in Egypt.  The means of collective punishment against those taking over student activities are continuously being developed.  Beginning with illegal interrogations and complete or partial expulsion to preventing students from attending lectures and denying their access to the university for long and short periods of time, the siege on student activists and activities continues to harm students’ futures in terms of their education and life.
The Engineering faculty administration in the University of Alexandria had expelled 11 MB students without investigations in a violation of the university’s student laws and charter.  The students were accused of attempting to raise students’ awareness on political issues, especially the Palestinian issue, despite their receiving permission from the faculty’s administration to launch their campaign.  However, security interventions were behind the freezing of their activities and their punishment.
As for the administration of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Alexandria, it transferred five MB students to disciplinary punishment sessions on charges of hosting new students at the beginning of the academic year’s second term and posting direction signs to help show new students their way to the university’s service offices.  The faculty’s administration also warned students from dealing with MB students as it will expose them to punishment.
In Zaqazeeq University, the students of the Veterinary Medicine faculty’s union tendered their collective resignation and distributed a statement in which they denounced the behavior of the faculty’s Dean after tearing the signs they had posted.