MB Lawyers and Electoral List Escalations
MB Lawyers and Electoral List Escalations
Monday, March 9,2009 03:42
By Basma Omar

On behalf of MB lawyers, Abdel Moneim Abdel Maqsoud (Head of the Electoral List of MB Lawyers), in a statement to Ikhwanweb, has threatened to an escalation by MB lawyers if electoral lists of the Bar Association was not annoucned mid this month, and he added "pacific options are open until lawyers get their rights".
Abdel Monem explained that MB lawyers did not participate and wont participate in the strikes organised to demand the change of the Judicial Guard Association, accusing it of not paying attention to the affairs of the Bar. He stressed that MB are aiming to save the Bar Association from being under the siege as it is not a matter of changing people who impose the siege on the Bar Association.
It is worth mentioning that the Administrative Judicial Court decided last January to suspend the elections of the Bar Association, the oldest association in Egypt which includes memberships of 400 hundred lawyer, after a number of lawyers appealed the decision because of some violations during the registration of members and the court ordered to review members’ list.