Dozens of British MPs attend solidarity meeting on Gaza in House of Commons
Dozens of British MPs attend solidarity meeting on Gaza in House of Commons
Saturday, March 14,2009 08:02

Dozens of British MPs including former lawmaker and minister Tony Benn attended a massive assembly in solidarity with Gaza held Thursday evening in the House of Commons at the invitation of friends of Palestine affiliated with the British labor party and the Palestine solidarity campaign.

This special meeting was also attended by representatives of British parties, political, social and religious organizations and student and labor unions. The most prominent speech that touched the hearts of the attendees was delivered by Sameh Habib, the editor-in-chief of the English-language Palestine Telegraph newspaper.

Habib moved some of the audience to tears when he described a number of real tragic scenes that occurred during the last Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and explained the size of suffering experienced by the distressed Gaza people after war.

For her part, British MP Sarah Thatcher said in her speech that the humanitarian conditions in Gaza are extremely difficult and the citizens there live in a heartbreaking situation after Israel destroyed entire civilian areas.

Thatcher urged the British government to urgently move to end the Gaza tragedy and also called on the UN and the Security Council to play more active role for the protection of human rights in the occupied Palestinian areas and for the enforcement of the international law.

Rabbi Jacob Zappa condemned the British government, the EU and the Security Council for their silence towards Israel"s actions and aggression on the Palestinian people and its genocidal war in Gaza.