Arrest of 11 Students of Al-Azhar University
Arrest of 11 Students of Al-Azhar University
Wednesday, March 18,2009 02:22

The state security forces, on Monday 16th, have kidnapped 11 of MB students at Al-Azhar University from their homes in Naser City and confiscated their laptops, PCs and study materials following a presentation of a film on Gaza in the university.

Mohammed Maher Aql (Spokesman of MB Students at Al-Azhar) stressed in a press release that there is no justification for the arrest of students and that this is a part of a continuous series of violation of students rights and dignities which would negatively affect their educational future, as he called the president of the university to the need of immediate intervention to release those students as soon as possible and to carry his responsibility towards them.
Until the time of publishing, information on the fate of those students or place of detention is still unknown.

This arrest came right after a presentation of a film titled “Together We Build Gaza” organized by MB students, Monday evening, in the city university of Al-Azhar University.
The film addressed the recent events in Gaza Strip and donations collected reached up to 7,000 LE for the purchase of artificial limbs for some of students injured in the recent events of Gaza, who are currently staying in Cairo hospitals for treatments.