MB MP Accuses Government of Failing To Respond To Parliament Decisions
MB MP Accuses Government of Failing To Respond To Parliament Decisions
Thursday, March 19,2009 20:46
By Basma Omar

Member of the MB Parliamentary Bloc and Parliament Committee of Education MP Ibrahim Zakariyya presented an urgent statement to PM Dr. Ahmed Nazif and Minister of Finance Botros Ghali on the government’s failure to execute parliament decisions.
Zakariyya affirmed that the government’s slackening in executing the parliament’s decisions led to the disturbance of general peace and the widening of the scope of demonstrations, sit-ins, and strikes of these employees at a time when Egypt is in dire need of citizens’ efforts.  Zakariyya further accused the government of disclaiming execution of parliament decisions concerning administrative positions in the Ministry of Education and failing to pay the incentives secured by law number 114 of the year 2008 in Article 4.  Zakariyya called on the payment of these incentives in concern over the interest of the workers and to maintain general peace.
It is mentioned that in the last period strikes have escalated across all Egyptian governorates, especially those of administrators for professionalizing the teacher despite the acknowledgement of this right to administrators also.
The government didn’t respond to the consecutive strikes of administrators until PM Ahmed Nazif intervened and Minister of Education Dr. Yusry El-Gamal presented an explanation for the reason behind the exacerbating crisis of the ongoing administrative strike (since February) and its impact on the stability of the educational process.  Nazif also requested that El-Gamal inform him of the essential differences between the administrators and teachers in terms of financial and job levels.  In spite of this, until now the crisis of administrators has not been solved.