Kuwait MB: Looking Forward To Forming Coalition Government With Future Vision
Kuwait MB: Looking Forward To Forming Coalition Government With Future Vision
Sunday, March 22,2009 13:58

In its statement, which Ikhwanweb received a copy of, the Islamic Constitutional Movement, or MB in Kuwait, affirmed that they look forward to forming a strong cabinet that is objectively harmonious, has a future vision and practical programs, and led by a ministerial team that is competent enough to meet the construction, development, and political challenges facing Kuwait and that will lead the country towards the advancement, prosperity, and stability desired by the Kuwaiti people.  The statement added that otherwise, the political situation in Kuwait will remain victim to the ongoing political crises and fall behind in the development wheel.
The movement considered the publicizing of the cabinet’s resignation letter which criticized by allusion some of the MPs as harmful to the objective nature of constitutional practice.  The movement’s MPs, on the other hand, affirmed that they were keen on using legislative and monitorial tools responsibly and objectively without harming the nation’s unity, security, or figures adding that “the probes presented by the movement’s MPs to the Prime Minister conformed with the movement’s commitment to constitutionality which, thus, urges us to object to the criticisms that were indirectly referred to in the resignation speech.” 
The statement further explained that the multiple probes presented throughout the last months up until the resignation Sheikh Nasser Mohammad El-Ahmad Al-Sabah’s cabinet confirmed the validity of the movement’s convictions of the presence of an imbalance in the government’s performance and its weakness.  The statement added that these probes also revealed the movement’s firm grasp to reform and development as suspicion and defamation do not scare it nor do biddings lead it to deviate from its monitory role in the parliament while taking pride in its serious reform attempts inside the Ministers Council previously.
The movement further requested the executive and legislative authorities, political currents, and civil forces of society to initiate a national project proposal for transforming the political situation into one where the general well-fare overweighs personal interests and which eliminates the roots of the political crises in the government and parliament.