MP: Antiquities in Abu Mandour are Endangered by the Officials
MP: Antiquities in Abu Mandour are Endangered by the Officials
Wednesday, March 25,2009 08:50
By Basma Omar

MP Abdel Hamid Zaghloul (Member of MB Parliamentary Bloc) has condemned the deliberate negligence of the archaeological area of Abu Mandour which history books has mentioned the existence of the Pharaonic city of Rashid buried under Abu Mandour area. 
The MP emphasized that there is someone who is hindering the archaeological detection of the area for a group of Mafia of the ancient monuments who steal in the day light, under the nose of officials.
MP Zaghloul has provided statements to the Attorney General against the governor of Al-Behira on the negligence and abuse of Abu Mandour archaeological area as he also submitted a statement requesting the removal of Al-Behira governor, as well as providing many parliamentarian means to determine the case of Abu Mandour and requested the discussion of the issue in the Parliament which was referred to the Committee on Culture that decided the formation of a Committee of Antiquities Authority to visit Rashid city and find out the reasons for neglecting this archaeological area to arrange a time for the visit as the MP was informed of the date.
The MP accused the committee of failing to make an assessment of an archaeological area, which looking after it would benefit the Egyptian people as a whole; however this committee came to answer what they called “MP’s allegations”. 
He also revealed holding a secret meeting between the secretary-general of the governor and members of the committee although the secretary-general of the governor does not have anything to do with the committee.
NDP MPs have also called for the preservation of Egyptian antiquities and to abolish corruption puts Egypt’s history to an end, as they put it.