Haqqi Centre Urges International Organizations to Defend MB Students
Haqqi Centre Urges International Organizations to Defend MB Students
Thursday, May 7,2009 00:50
By Basma Omar

“Haqqi Centre For Human Rights” in their issued statement today titled “Save Fayoum Student”, has condemned the circumistances to which detained Fayoum students were exposed to.


The statement stressed that it was following up the situation in Fayoum University as it viewed a recorded video for the incident of beating within the university and it is very clear that it leaves no room for doubt that University Guards were cooperating with the thugs who attacked the students.



The statement added “injured students were left for hours bleeding without providing them with aid, and once they reached the hospital for treatment they were arrested along with those who went with them as witnesses to the assaults and were presented before the Prosecution on charges of assaulting the University Guards. Students did not receive medical treatment and their medical examination was not signed until now”.



“After being optimistic due to the decision to release four of the detained students, they were surprised by the State Security violation of the court’s decision and the re-arrest of the four students and their transfer to Wady Al-Natron Prison”.



The Centre called on both the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations and the European Commission for Human Rights to demonstrate their moral support for the detained students.


It also called for launching an international campaign demanding the release of students and demanding the investigations with the authorities responsible for their arrest and imprisonment.