May 15: Day of Anger For Al-Aqsa Mosque
May 15:  Day of Anger For Al-Aqsa Mosque
Thursday, May 7,2009 10:48
The forum between Egyptian political and national forces announced today at noon next Friday, May 15 as the Day of Anger for all the Arab-Islamic and free people of the world to stand as one against Zionist expansionism and aggression and all those in support of it.
The forum held at the MB Bloc headquarters under a conference titled, “The Dangers of Judizing Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque” called for action and effective pressure through public opinion and peaceful means with Arab-Islamic regimes to take on their role in stopping this catastrophe and affirming that Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque are the responsibility of all Arabs and Muslims and are not compromisable.
Forum participants further called for action by international, local, and civil society organizations for ending Zionist plans and attempts to ignite a world war, as they had done before, and the necessity of severing political, diplomatic, and economic relations with the Zionist enemy, and hence the expulsion of their ambassadors, ending normalization of relations with it, activating boycotting in all its forms, canceling the so-called peace agreements between the Zionists and some Arab countries, and announcement of all violations taking place up to this moment of these so-called agreements.
MB Chair Mohamed Mahdi Akef affirmed that the criminal attempts of judizing Jerusalem and destroying Al-Aqsa mosque in the occupied Palestinian territories are barbarous crimes that must be resisted by all political and massive means and through the support of Palestinian resistance forces against all forms of Zionist crimes.
Akef further stressed the necessity that the Arab-Islamic nation unite under the banner of supporting Al-Aqsa mosque against all Zionist attempts to uproot the Arab-Islamic origins of Jerusalem pointing out that the Zionist thought-based attack on Palestine since the establishment of Zionism early last century harmed Egyptian and Arab sovereignty.
First MB Vice-Chair Dr. Mohamed Habib affirmed that talks about Palestinian rifts during this critical stage of the Palestinian issue, at the heart of which is Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque, is totally unacceptable, stressing the necessity for unity and action under one banner.
Habib added that the people are aware and sure that the Zionist entity wouldn’t have been able to expand in its current manner without the cooperation of the conniving Arab-Islamic regimes and the penetration of Zionist thought in our Arab-Islamic culture.
Habib further added that there is no need for using the absence of a number of party representatives for driving wedges between Egyptian political forces and the MB stressing that the issue of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa have no external or internal agendas since they are, in essence, “national, Islamic, and faith issues that are bigger than these trivialities and lies.”
Dr. Mohamed Sa’d El-Katatny, Head of the MB Parliamentary Bloc, called on mass, international, and media action to be taken to save the sanctuaries from the hands of Zionists stressing the necessity of opening channels of communication with the people and western governments to show them the Zionist entity’s danger on the well-being of the international body and save it from collapsing or becoming poisoned.
On the other hand, Mohamed Esmat Seif El-Dawla, a researcher in the Palestinian issue, warned against the danger of Zionist escalation in Jerusalem especially after its tyrannical decision to drive out more than 26,000 Palestinian families, a matter which will affect the geography and demography of Jerusalem.
Moreover, Professor of Political Sciences and Head of the Independent Parliamentary Bloc Dr. Gamal Zahran called on national and political forces to take a more responsible stance towards the Zionist attack on Arab and Palestinian lands pointing out that what took place after the Israeli offensive in Gaza shows that the Zionist entity has taken the decision to eliminate the Palestinian issue forever, a matter which all forces and noblemen must stand up to.
Dr. Rafik Habib criticized the horrifying Arab silence towards their top issue, Al-Aqsa mosque and Jerusalem, despite its arrival at a serious stage that makes it incapable of bearing any further Zionist criminal pressure stressing the necessity of recognizing the grossness of the calamity which the whole issue will be faced with if the people, regimes, and civil society organizations don’t take a firm stance to push the issue back into the light and bring it back to the tables of discussion and dialogue.
Furthermore, the prominent writer Safinaz Kazem called on the Arab people to take a “manly stance” for once to save the nation’s dignity and honor that have been stepped on for more than 61 years urging the Arab-Islamic people to go out on May 15 in support of Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem.
MP Sa’d Abboud said that there is no peace with an entity which declares a war agenda as opposed to the Arab-Islamic submissive agendas which people have become tired of stressing the necessity that conniving regimes for once take a responsible decision to cancel all peace agreements with the Zionist usurper and activate Al-Quds Arab League Committee led by Morroco making it permanent.
Judges Saeed El-Gamal and Mahfouz Azzam, Head of the Labor Party, and Assistant Secretary General of the Labor Party Dr. Magdy Qarqar also participated in the conference.