Egyptian Authority Prevented A European Convoy From Entering Gaza
Egyptian Authority Prevented A European Convoy From Entering Gaza
Tuesday, May 12,2009 04:50

The Egyptian Authorities has prevented on Sunday May 8, a British medical delegation from entering Gaza through Rafah Crossing. The spokesman of the medical group stated that his group is saying in crossing for many days and refusing to come back until they get into Gaza.
Dr. Omar El-Manqoush stressed that there are no reasons for the prevention and the British Embassy had spoken to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs before their departure to Cairo.
He pointed out that the delegation has medical equipments to prepare the room for Heart Surgery at Shifa hospital in Gaza, calling on the Egyptian government to respect the international law and to allow the delegation to cross the border because its an urgent humanitarian issue.
It is worth mentioning that this convoy is not the first European convoy that Egyptian authorities prevent its entry through Rafah crossing border.
Many months ago the convoy of the British MP George Galloway which came from the heart of Europe to Gaza to save the people of the strip and went through many countries to get aid for victims of Gaza and was very welcomed in each country but once it came to Egypt stones and rocks were thrown at it and were detained on the borders while tens of participants in the covoy were chanting slogans against the Egyptian security forces which told them that the convoy wouldn’t pass through Rafah crossing border and they’ll have to pass through Al-Awja Crossing which is under Israeli control.
Security forces surrounded the convoy and threatened to use violence against them incase they refused to obey the instructions of the security forces regarding the convoy’s crossing through Al-Awja.
Many clashes happened between truck drivers who insisted on going through Rafah and security forces which prevented them.
Security forces asked the members of the convoy not to move from Arish to Rafah as one convoy but to divide themselves into small convoys under strict security guard. The authorites of Rafah Crossing refused Galloways request to allow the convoy to enter into Gaza through Rafah crossing border and only agreed on the entry of 20 small trucks loaded with drugs to Gaza from Rafah.
Meanwhile, the Egyptian authorities have also prevented two delegations one is Italian and the other is american and mistreated them , the thing which made them camp in front of the border and refuse to go back to their countries.
They also called on their countries to boycott any international conferences held in Egypt.