Ten MB MPs Are Invited for Obama’s Speech
Ten MB MPs Are Invited for Obama’s Speech
Wednesday, June 3,2009 17:47

Ten of MB Parliamentary Bloc have received official invitations to attend the speech of the US President Barak Obama which will be directed to the Islamic World from Cairo University tomorrow morning.
MB MPs are:
- Dr. Mohammed Saad El-Katatny (Head of the Parliamentary Bloc and member of the Guidance Bureau),
- Dr. Hazem Farouk,
- YosryTealab,
- Yosry Bayoumi,
- Alam Eldin El-Sakhawy,
- Adel El-Bermawy
- Mahmoud Mogahed
- Gamal Hanafy
- Bahaa Eldin Ateya
- Sheikh Mohammed Abdelrhman
In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. El-Katatny stressed that the invitation was given to them by the Sheikh of Al-Azhar and not by the President of Cairo University.
The invitation included ten member of the MB Parliamentary Bloc in person, emphasizing that he expects that the ten names were chosen by the Presidency of the Parliament and the bloc did not interfere in the choice.
El-Katatny added that the invitation included listening to the speech only without participating in the private meeting between the US President and authors, politicians and representatives of the civil society,
He pointed out that that the invitation to the MB MPs came as a comparison between the US administration and the Egyptian regime, especially since there are pressures from the American media on its president to meet with all effective political and opposition powers in Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular which represents 20% of the Parliament, as they stressed that if President Obama only met with the Egyptian regime then he will be supporting a dictatorship.

At the same time, the Egyptian regime refused such procedure therefore there had to be a comparison which is our invitation to the speech only and not to take part in the private meeting between Obama and Egyptian politicians and jurists.
He added “ the MB Parliamentary bloc decided to accept the invitation and will go for the speech since MB is a part of the Egyptian political system and the strongest faction among the opposition and the most one present in the Egyptian street.
Our exclusion was a big mistake and there is no reason why we shouldn’t listening to the speech from within the Cairo University since we were going to hear it from outside.
He hoped Obama’s speech would bring real change towards the Islamic world and its current issues, and not to just be a protocol to improve the image of the US new President.