Hamas: PA security intensified arrest campaigns in search of a new Qassam cell
Hamas: PA security intensified arrest campaigns in search of a new Qassam cell
Thursday, June 4,2009 07:02

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- The Hamas Movement in the West Bank said Wednesday that the PA security apparatuses intensified in the past few days their arrest campaigns in the ranks of Hamas cadres in order to know the whereabouts of the Qassam Brigades" commander in Tulkarem Mohamed Karyoush and members of his cell.

In a statement received by the PIC, Hamas explained that the security apparatuses under the command of ex-PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and US officer Keith Dayton kidnapped in the last three days 30 of its cadres in Tulkarem and questioned them mainly about the place of Karyoush.

Hamas warned that these attempts to reach Karyoush portend that Abbas’s security apparatuses intend to repeat the same scenario of Qalqilia and commit a new crime against the Palestinian resistance.

For its part, the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, called on its fighters to take maximum measures of precaution and get prepared to face any danger threatening them from the Israeli occupation or its lackeys in the PA security apparatuses.

“Our Qassam fighters will never bow to the capitulatory demands of these puppet and treacherous apparatuses which departed from the national path,” spokesman for the Brigades Abu Obeida underlined in a statement posted on the Qassam website.

In a related context, the Hamas-affiliated Omamah website reported that Abbas’s security apparatuses kidnapped Tuesday nine of Hamas cadres in the West Bank cities of Ramallah, Qalqilia, Tulkarem and Al-Khalil, pointing out that two of the abductees were ex-detainees in Israeli jails.

The Islamic bloc, the student wing of Hamas at Bir Zeit university, also suffered from the arrest campaigns waged recently by the PA security apparatuses in the West Bank and strongly denounced in a statement received Wednesday by the PIC the kidnapping of its members.

The Islamic bloc called on the PLC and human rights organizations to pressure Abbas and his officials to release its student members from PA jails.

The bloc affirmed that the PA security apparatuses waged a frenzied campaign against its members especially at the university of Bir Zeit, adding that the PA intelligence kidnapped recently two of its members in the university’s student council named Mu’az Nu’airat and Mohamed Hasan.

The bloc emphasized that these mass kidnappings comes as part of an organized campaign to strike the resistance and its bases in the West Bank, noting that this campaign is not only organized by the PA security apparatuses, but also it is a well-planned Zio-American scheme aimed to liquidate all sources of nationalism that are embodied in Hamas cadres.

In a lecture entitled “the Palestinian dialog…to where?” that was held Monday in Al-Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, Dr. Moussa Abu Marzouk strongly condemned the PA security apparatuses’ practices against the Palestinian resistance fighters in the West Bank as “real terrorism”.

He also considered the Qalqilia incident as the fruit of the security coordination between the PA in Ramallah and the Israeli occupation.

In a related context, the Palestinian media assembly reported Monday that the last month of May witnessed an escalation against Palestinian media workers and freedom of expression by both the PA in Ramallah and the Israeli occupation in blatant violation of international humanitarian laws.

In a report received by the PIC, the assembly said that one of the major violations committed by the IOA against the freedom of opinion was that it prevented Palestinian journalists from covering the visit made by the Pope of the Vatican to occupied Jerusalem. The report mentioned other Israeli violations against press freedom.

The report also deplored the PA security apparatuses in the West Bank for continuing to detain five journalists, demanding their immediate release.

In a new development, Palestinian local sources said, on condition of anonymity, that the PA intelligence summoned Wednesday morning dozens of mosque imams, preachers and scholars in Tulkarem and embarked on questioning them.

The same sources added that the intelligence also summoned and detained for hours members of teachers’ union which was dissolved by the PA unconstitutional government in Ramallah.

The sources noted that all detainees were still at noon in the intelligence headquarters, without receiving any reports till now about releasing them.

In a statement received Wednesday by the PIC, the Palestinian center for human rights called on the PA and its security apparatuses to stop the arbitrary arrest campaigns and torture acts against Hamas cadres and supporters in the West Bank, demanding the immediate release of all political prisoners and the closure of the political arrest file.

The center recalled that the Palestinian high court had issued on February 20, 1999 a decision illegalizing the political arrest and ordering all executive bodies to respect this decision and refrain from committing such violation.