Kurdistani Islamic Union hopes to encourage citizens to vote
  Kurdistani Islamic Union hopes to encourage citizens to vote
Wednesday, June 24,2009 20:14
By Saeed Al-Abbadi

The Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union and head of the Services and Reforms list Salahuddin Bahauddin stressed that he wished there could be successful and democratic elections, adding that the presence of different lists in these elections should not lead to uncivilised conflicts.
“The Atmosphere should be Encouraging for people to vote freely without exposing anyone to troubles or expulsion from work” Salahuddin added.
Regarding media, he stressed that the media should function properly and positively and to avoid appealing or defaming anybody.
The Kurdistan Islamic Union (Muslim Brotherhood) will enter elections using the list of the Services and Reforms which includes four Islamic and secular parties, namely (The Kurdistan Islamic Union, The Islamic Group, The Social Democratic Party and The Party of the hard-workers, Tarik Aziz’s wing known as (The Future).
Those parties started a year ago with projects and joint actions submitted to the government, the presidency of the region and relevant institutions aiming at bringing reform to various fields. This joint project has developed forming a united list from which the Kurdish people expect a lot and wish success where it hopes to put an end to corruption and lack of services from which citizens suffer under the authority controlled by the two main parties.