Ministry of prisoners: Press reports on Shalit deal unfounded
Ministry of prisoners: Press reports on Shalit deal unfounded
Monday, June 29,2009 07:35

The Palestinian ministry of prisoners" affairs on Sunday urged the media not to publish unfounded press speculations on the fate of the prisoners" exchange deal between the Palestinian resistance and Israel.


The ministry in a press release said that some reports claimed that the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit would be handed to Egypt within hours and others said that the deal would be concluded within days.


It said that relatives of Palestinian prisoners follow up the issue with concern and any such news without any concrete steps taken negatively affect them.


The press reports only serve the Israeli occupation authority which deliberately disseminates certain news on the exchange deal in a bid to monitor the reactions and stands and possibly to achieve any security accomplishments on the whereabouts of Shalit and whether he was still alive, the ministry pointed out.


It asked the prisoners and their relatives to be rest assured that Palestinian factions capturing Shalit would never give up their demands regardless of the lapse of time and that the "enemy" would eventually acquiesce to those demands and release the prisoners.


"Let the matter in the hands of those handling the issue who are indulging in difficult negotiations for the sake of securing the release of those prisoners and who know better than others when does the deal was progressing or retracting," the ministry concluded.