MB Secretary-General : Despair and frustration of our people is not an option
MB Secretary-General : Despair and frustration of our people is not an option
Wednesday, July 15,2009 02:35
Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood, stressed that the movement is completely convinced, that in the up-coming period Mubarak’s regime is committed to tarnishing the image of the Muslim Brotherhood, using the movement as a scapegoat for its failures and directing its energy to resentment and anger towards the popular Muslim Brotherhood.
In a statement to Al-Karama newspaper, he asserted, that the accusations indicted against the Muslim Brotherhood are ludicrous lies, where there are no indicators or evidence that the money laundering accusations tried by martial court against Engineer Khairat Al-Shater and his companions are true.
In fact, the movement’s members have been acquitted by the court.
 A copy of the article issued in the newspaper is included for further reference. 
He stressed that their attempts to connect the Brotherhood with terrorism is an outrageous and fabricated lie. The Brotherhood had previously been accused by hardliners that they were procrastinators who didn’t participate in jihad while the Movement’s members were operating to their fullest potential to promote and convey a moderate line of thought.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Secretary General, welcomed Al-Karama Party’s attitude towards the recent detentions against the movement’s members, emphasizing that this is courageous behavior claiming any Egyptian who loves his country should adopt this brave and bold attitude.
He, furthermore, called on the parties and political powers to follow Al-Karama Party’s example by identifying themselves with the freedoms by striving hard to protect Egypt and Egyptians from the corruption of this appalling regime.
He expressed concern, that the ruling regime could instigate violent outbursts by Egyptians rendering them towards chaos and despair which will result in the country remaining without reform and progress. Dr Mahmoud Ezzat asserted that the movement will remain adamant and not allow this to take place even if the situation was bleaker.
He stressed that Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh, Muslim Brotherhood members and all the reform hostages behind bars are willingly ready to pay the price by sacrificing their freedom hoping that it will motivate one and all to revive and salvage their country.