6 MB arrested in Monofeya raid
6 MB arrested in Monofeya raid
Saturday, September 12,2009 02:28

In a new round of arbitrary arrests, Egyptian government security aimed its crackdown at mosques where the Muslim Brotherhood members performed the 10-day ritual of "Itikaf," which involves worshiping in all its forms during the night.

Members of the movement were arrested at the mosques, much to the disdain of onlookers. Those arrested include: Fatthy Alsourwy, Tarek Shareef, Abdul Moety Alnadery, Sobhy Gaafar, Hamdy Migahed and Mohamed Anees.

In the governorate of Monofeya raids continued and 6 from the movement were arrested, which included the invasion of houses. However, their owners Eng. Badr Alfaalah, Ali Soweylum, and Eng. Ahmed Hafnawy were absent.

Government security forces paid no attention to a funeral, where the procession of one of the Muslim Brotherhood's pioneer's Farag al-Nangar was proceeding. He sadly passed away last Wednesday. Security also invaded the funeral.