8 re-arrests and 8 releases for Dakahleya's MB's.
8 re-arrests and 8 releases for Dakahleya's MB's.
Monday, November 16,2009 06:02

In a new series of defiance the Ministry of Interior decided on ignoring court orders to release 8 members of the Muslim Brotherhood from Dakahleya. Detainees were transferred to the Damanhour Prison in Beheira.  Detainees include:


Mohamed Otthman Elgenedy

Amgad Alsalkawy

Ali Sayam

Alsayed Talaat

Abdallah Abdul Qader

Essam Abdul Hameed Sharaf el-Deen

Mohamed Abdul Aziz Imbaby

Ayman Abdul Hay Zaghbir


8 other members were released namely:


Dr Mohamed Khaled Aldeeb

Mohamed Yusef Sonbal

Gamal Abul Rous

Dr Alaa Soweilum

Adel Mohamed Sonbal

Shaker Mohamed Attia

Mohamed Abdul Hamid Eweiss

Ibrahim Aladl Ghoneim


Other detainees waiting for the release orders to be implemented include:


Ahmed Gomaa

Ragab Haballa

Mamdouh Sabry