Tuesday the announcing of decision to boycott University staff's
Tuesday the announcing of decision to boycott University staff's
Tuesday, December 29,2009 08:34

Dr Adel Abdul Gawad the legitimate chairman of the current "University Staff's Club" and Secretary general Dr Nasr Radwan have announced the scheduling of a press conference Tuesday  December 29,at noon to highlight incidents concerning the elections which are to take place Wednesday December 30.


In a statement in which "Ikhwanweb" received a copy they asserted that the conference which is to take place at the Club's premises will detail the conspiracy which has taken place with regards to the elimination of 30 of the nominees' names from the electoral list by the NDP. "This is a sure sign that the ruling regime is holding a tight grip on the so called democracy of Egypt".


In the statement, Dr Radwan asserted that "Negotiations are currently taking place as to what measures will be taken with regards to the University's staff elections, which will be announced during the press conference". He added that boycotting the elections is probable in light of the despicable actions taking place where honest and distinguished people are eliminated simply for being honest. Dr Nasr concluded the statement by stating that the conference will take place even if the present and legitimate club members are banned asserting that "We will not be intimidated into backing down from our rights and we will continue to fight for what is rightfully ours".