Activists accuse Egyptian regime of racism.
Activists accuse Egyptian regime of racism.
Saturday, January 2,2010 07:02

For the fifth consecutive day activists organized a rally demonstrating their anger and frustration against the Egyptian regime's banning of the convoy and its participants from passing into the Palestinian territory. Activists gathered in front of the Journalists' syndicate premises objecting to the Egyptian authorities' injustice condemning their decision of the banning.


In a statement to "Ikhwanweb" German activist Herr Muller explained that the authorities practiced injustices by allowing only a numbered few permission for passage. He believed this revealed intentional racism towards the oppressed Palestinians stressing that evidence is clear with the construction of the iron wall between the Palestinian and Egyptian borders. He added "Only eighty- four of the activists who were from different nationalities including Americans, Greeks and French   were granted permission to pass and were given less than 24 hours to return from the Palestinian lands"



Muller asserted that the 1500 plus activists will continue in their support of the subjugated Palestinians collecting contribution and aids from all over the world. "We will continue to help these oppressed people until their rights to exist as free human beings is acknowledged". He told of the the activists extreme disappointment to the Egyptian officials treatment and passiveness asserting that official letters will be sent to the respective Embassies in their countries describing the procedures taken by the Egyptian systems  in denying them permission to cross into Palestine. "We plan to travel to Egypt monthly with all the aid and relief we can collect; our only hope is that the Egyptians will be more welcoming and appreciate our efforts. All we ask is access to pass into the Palestinian lands to offer an innocent people any assistance we can".