Sit-ins in Europe today in protest at Egypt’s participation in Gaza siege
Sit-ins in Europe today in protest at Egypt’s participation in Gaza siege
Saturday, January 2,2010 11:22

Massive rallies and sit-ins will be organized Saturday outside Egyptian embassies throughout the European continent in protest at Egypt for building a steel wall on its borders with the Gaza Strip and its participation in the Israeli siege.

The coalition of pro-Palestine associations in Europe said Friday that these protests will take place in a number of European states including Britain, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.

The coalition added that the protests are aimed to pressure the Egyptian authorities to end the blockade on Gaza through opening the Rafah border crossing and stopping the building of the steel wall.

The coalition stressed that these sit-ins will send a message to the Egyptian authorities that it will not be able to silence the free voices of the world and prevent them from stating their positions in solidarity with Gaza people.

In a related context, dozens of multinational pro-Palestine activists, who were denied access to Gaza by Egypt, on Friday staged protests in front of the Egyptian press syndicate and the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

The activists called for ending the blockade on Gaza and stopping the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people, while 30 of them went on a hunger strike in protest at the Egyptian decision not to allow them to enter Gaza.

The Egyptian authorities refused to allow those European activists to enter Gaza to express their solidarity with Gaza people on the first anniversary of the Israeli war, and instructed travel companies not to provide them with buses to Al-Arish area.