Dweik denounces obstruction of PLC session
Dweik denounces obstruction of PLC session
Wednesday, March 3,2010 13:50

Dr. Aziz Dweik, the speaker of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC), has strongly denounced those responsible for blocking the PLC emergency session on Monday that was supposed to discuss Israeli attacks on Islamic holy shrines.

Dweik, in a press conference in Ramallah on Monday, said that all constitutional measures were followed in order to secure the convening of the session.

He held those who blocked the session responsible for its failure, adding that those who blocked the session are not interested in the issue of Jerusalem and Israeli violations against it and do not care for the Palestine cause.

"Today you realized who is the party that does not want reconciliation and does not want to reactivate the PLC and who is not concerned with the question of Jerusalem, the Aqsa, Ibrahimi, Bilal mosques and other sacred shrines," he told the reporters.

The PLC speaker said that Jerusalem, all Palestinian cities, the Aqsa Mosque and the Islamic and Christian shrines are above all parliamentary blocs and above all differences and obstructions.