Sudan: police ready to secure elections
Sudan: police ready to secure elections
Monday, April 12,2010 08:10
By Gode Fuganda
 Police in Sudan have deployed 1,000 specially trained and equipped policemen in different parts of the country to provide adequate security during the forthcoming elections.

The deployed policemen will work hand in hand with regular police and other security agencies in keeping law and order during the elections period.

The spokesman for Sudan elections security committee, Major General Mohammed Ahmed Ali said that appropriate arrangements have been made to secure presidential and parliamentarian elections scheduled to start on next Sunday and last for three days.

“We are ready for the task of securing the elections. The force has prepared individuals professionally to carry out their duties at all stages of electoral process,” Ali said.

Police has advised civilians to call free toll telephone number 999 to report any vote rigging or any unlawful incidents.

He said that police is ready for any emergency that might occur during the electoral process.

Meanwhile, the Sudanese Red Crescent – the equivalent of Red Cross in other countries – has announced contingency plans to meet possible violence related emergencies during the polls.

Secretary General of the Sudanese Red Crescent, Jaafar Al Amin, said “we have trained 19,000 volunteers in first aid and deployed them in various parts of the country.”

He added that the Red Crescent has coordinated emergency services with other state branches and with the Ministry of Health’s own emergency services.

Red Crescent said it intends to have presence in 4000 of the 5000 polling centers.

Southern Sudan spokesperson, Pamela Albert said that they are so far contented with the elections arrangements. She said “we want elections to be free and fair in southern Sudan.We do not expect violence because we have put in place mechanism to ensure free and fare elections.”

The elections to be held starting on Sunday and to last for three days are the first to be held in the republic of Sudan since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace agreement between the SPLM and Khartoum government in 2005.