Egypt's opposition: Military tribunals are a settling of scores
Egypt's opposition: Military tribunals are a settling of scores
Thursday, April 29,2010 18:30

A seminar organized by the National Committee for Defending Prisoners of conscience at the Karama Party's headquarters on April 28, commemorated the 3 year passing of the renowned military case and sentencing of Engineer Khayrat Al-Shater the Muslim Brotherhood deputy chairman and his companions. The detainees have since been in detention because of the harsh sentences According to all opposition groups the unjust sentences passed were nothing but a settling of scores between the Muslim Brotherhood and the ruling regime. The increasing popularity of the MB group was not taken lightly by the authorities as a rising number of MB members acquired seats in the 2005, parliamentary elections.

  The opposing party members condemned the regime's defiance of the numerous acquittals  as the civilian court had in fact issued over  6 release orders and acquittals to the detainees. They argued that the military courts tribunal was in fact a clear encroachment to constitution and human rights.


Despite intermittently spending 10 years in Egypt 's jails Al-Shater's daughters have confirmed that their father's resolve has not lessened. There is an understanding that freedom means sacrifice in which members of the Muslim Brotherhood know all too well.


Guests who attended the seminar acknowledging the injustices and suppression practiced included Alkarama's George Ishaq, Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat MB Deputy chairman, and former detainees convicted by military court, Eng. Medhat Alhaddad and Dr. Essam Hashish.    


It is without doubt that those who have sacrificed freedom are highly respected by members of society who appreciate the distinguished efforts made to promote freedom of expression.