Settlers plan provocative march near the Aqsa Mosque
Settlers plan provocative march near the Aqsa Mosque
Saturday, May 1,2010 10:33

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, -- Israeli occupation police gave permission for the organisation of a Zionist march around the Aqsa Mosque called "the flag march" to mark the anniversary of the "unification" of Jerusalem under occupation.

Extremist Jewish organisations declared that they will organise a huge march on Thursday on this occasion and fixed the route of the march which will start at the Bab al-Amoud gate, one of the most famous gates of the old city of Jerusalem.

The march will go through Sultan Sulaiman Street, through Saherah gate to the Asbat gate on its way to the old city to pass by the Aqsa Mosque's gates. A separate march for women will start at the Yafa gate and Nabi Daud gate.

Extremist Jewish groups have, over the past few days, conducted an advertisement campaign to market this march.