MB chairman offers pep talk to Shura Candidates
MB chairman offers pep talk to Shura Candidates
Thursday, May 20,2010 23:01


Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie is expected to meet with the Shura Council candidates early next week. The 13 nominees were named on the final lists announced by the Supreme Electoral Council.
The elections which are expected to take place June 1 are expected to reflect the upcoming parliamentary elections with regards to transparency. The Egyptian President Mubarak has alleged that the elections will be free and fair however procedures so far have revealed otherwise. Candidates have faced numerous obstacles while submitting their applications and security forces have been engaged in thwarting campaigns as candidates make their rounds.
The recent renewal of the emergency law has been illegitimately implemented as the ruling regime's security agents have been busy arresting MB supporters and publicists for candidates rather than concentrating on drug traffickers and terrorists.
It will be an unprecedented event if a MB candidate is to win a place in the Shura Council.