MB Chairman: With hope and perseverance our nation will defy odds and obstacles
MB Chairman: With hope and perseverance our nation will defy odds and obstacles
Monday, June 14,2010 09:23

In fact, the life stories of all the prophets and Messengers clearly illustrate that through purity of heart, noble manners, faith, unshakeable will, confidence, hope and hard work ,we can make a nation's dream come true; an emerging nation that contributes to humanity

Badie highlighted incidents in the Prophet Mohamed's (PBUH)'s life, which reveal that through appropriate leadership and guidance, Muslims were able to beat all odds and establish an Islamic state which served all mankind

It is through this same faith and trust in Allah that the Prophet Jacob and Ismail's mother Hagar, were able to be soothed and were prompted to search for solutions to problems they faced and not sit idly

Badie drew similarity between such historical events and some of the world's current affairs, which evoke despair and frustration, both at the international and regional levels in general, especially the Palestinian cause and Egypt 's deteriorating human rights situation

He ascertained, however, that despite the difficult circumstances, we will neither sit idle nor retreat from our cause. In fact, we will remain resolute in our struggle, having full confidence in Allah's promise to his believers. The MB will continue to pursue its ultimate goals aimed at restoring the independence, freedom, peace, prosperity and equitable development for all people based on Islamic teachings

The apartheid Israeli state, supported by America and Europe, has attempted  through the inhumane 4 year blockade on 1.5 million people in Gaza and the oppressive construction of an iron wall by Egypt , to instill despair in their hearts and of those who believe in the Palestinian cause, but have miserably failed.

An agreement signed in December 2005 by the United States on behalf of Egypt,  with Israel to begin a joint effort to tighten the sea blockade, and monitor all border crossings including the Rafah crossing, has not deterred international activists from helping the Gazans

The Freedom Flotilla convoy carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip formed by Muslims, Christian and Jewish representatives from more than 40 countries on board, only demonstrates that the blockade will not last. People will continue their efforts across the sea again towards the occupied Palestinian lands, expressing strong confidence and certainty of the imminent collapse of the blockade and ending of occupation.

Hope has not been dispelled despite the enemy's brutal attempts and despite the blood spilled on the deck of the Turkish-flagged ship Mavi Marmara, and the detentions of hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists in late May. In fact, the Irish ship 'Rachel Corrie's activists later continued their journey and were determined to break the unjust blockade, which in four years has starved nearly 1.5 million Gazans turning  Gaza into a large prison

With regards to elections, we find the regime repeatedly attempts to misrepresent the will of the people by preventing them from casting their votes freely to choose their representatives in the People's Assembly, Shura Council and local councils under full judicial supervision.

We have full confidence in Allah's promise to grant victory to the righteous servants; in the face of injustice, tyranny and corruption. The Muslim Brotherhood will strive hard through peaceful measures in the constitutional struggle to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of Egyptians in establishing a democratic political system. Through which, we can attain the peaceful rotation of power according to the free will of the nation, the ultimate source of all powers


Cairo: Jumada II 27th, 1431 H, June 10th, 2010