MB chairman meets with Wafd Party leader, stress reform and peaceful change
MB chairman meets with Wafd Party leader, stress reform and peaceful change
Sunday, July 25,2010 18:33

Both parties agreed on the significance of their call for political reform and constitutional amendments stressing that Egypt 's wellbeing is at the top of their priority list. Badie informed the Wafd leader that the meeting had become expedient in the light of the MB's passionate commitment in tackling the difficulties of the Egyptian people whilst contending with the challenges faced by the group in this regard. He asserted that the people would stand to benefit from most of the MB's activities and call for reform which would focus majorly around goal-driven collaboration between the MB and political opposition.

The MB chairman explained that the group's policy revolves around the call for peaceful and tolerable political change towards a civilian state based on Islamic law, which respects and acknowledges equality for all citizens regardless of religion, creed or gender.

The meeting came as part of relentess efforts by the MB and its leader seeking to unite the political opposition ahead of parliamentary and presidential elections. MB recently organized major reform conference attended by the main opposition parties, which was followed by launching
the group's online petition titled "7 demands for reform" reaping over 165, 000 signatures and rising. Dr. Ashraf Balbaa, from al Wafd Party, attended the conference.
No formal decisions were made regarding the upcoming parliamentary elections, however, both the MB and al Wafd party have been engaged in internal deliberations, and a decision will be made soon.
Other MB leaders attended the meeting included deputy chairman Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary-General Dr. Essam el-Erian from the MB Executive Bureau and media spokesman, MP Dr. Mohammed Beltagy Assistant Secretary of the parliamentary bloc and Mr. Mohamed Abdul Quddus of the Journalists' syndicate