MB reform demand petition gathers 556, 000 signatures 34 days into campaign
MB reform demand petition gathers 556, 000 signatures 34 days into campaign
Thursday, August 12,2010 02:19

 The Muslim Brotherhood's online campaign launched by Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie to gather signatures in support of the National Association for Change's "Seven Demands for Reform" charter has proved to be progressing well even during the rush of the holy month of Ramadan. The latest count has revealed that 556,000 signatures have been collected in 34 days.

Among the seven points of the charter backed by the Brotherhood include:

1. Ending the state of emergency
2. The empowerment of the Egyptian judiciary to supervise the full electoral process as a whole.
3. Control of the elections by local civil society organizations and international levels.
4. Providing equal opportunities in the media for all candidates, especially in the presidential election.
5. Enabling Egyptians abroad to exercise their right to vote in embassies and consulates in Egypt.
6. Ensuring the right to stand in presidential elections without arbitrary restrictions in line with Egypt's obligations under the International Convention for Civil and Political Rights, and limiting the right to run for the presidency to two terms.
7. Elections by individual identification social numbers
 The NAC was launched by former IAEA chief and Nobel Peace laureate Dr. Mohammed ElBaradei on his return to Egypt earlier this year. His call for political reform and constitutional amendments since his emergence onto the political arena  have been supported by political opposition such as the MB who have continued to call for the same modifications since its establishment.