Dr. ElBaradei to CNN: I am no new Pharaoh
Dr. ElBaradei to CNN: I am no new Pharaoh
Thursday, August 12,2010 23:04

CNN program "African voices" recently interviewed former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei who had recently emerged onto Egypt 's political arena much to the distaste of the ruling regime


Much controversy has surrounded his appearance as people view the Peace Prize Laureate as a 'could be candidate' for the presidential elections scheduled for the autumn of 2011.


ElBaradei has called for political reform and constitutional amendments before he makes a decision to nominate for the role. His call 7 demands for reform have been supported by political opposition in particular the Muslim Brotherhood who enjoy much popularity on the Egyptian streets. A petition has been collectively launched collecting signatures supporting democratic change. To date over 560,000 website visitors have participated.