NDP corrupters trigger inner strife
NDP corrupters trigger inner strife
Thursday, August 19,2010 01:49

As parliamentary elections near, contractors, parliamentarians, and ruling party officials, expose various violations pertaining to state-owned land sale violations rendering the government as corruptive officials


According to Muslim Brotherhood MP Ashraf Badr el Din, and analyst Yehia al-Gamal the government is allowing the corruption cases to be uncovered, in an effort to convince the nation that the government boasts transparency.


MB MP Saad Husseini agreed, adding that there is apparent inner strife in the group as members defame one another in order to rise and take their place, either in election seats, through gaining more votes, or in party or cabinet reshuffles The MB along with other independent MP's has been responsible in submitting complaints against construction tycoons such as  Hisham Talaat Mustafa  and the New Urban Communities Authorities, have both appealed the verdict, where his lawsuit remains pending.