Israeli municipality to Jerusalem man: Take down your house or pay us to do it
Israeli municipality to Jerusalem man: Take down your house or pay us to do it
Tuesday, August 31,2010 13:15
The Israeli occupation’s Jerusalem municipality has given the family of Nasri Abu Rajab, 60, from the Al-Qawmi neighborhood in Old City, Jerusalem the option to tear down his own house or pay a huge fee for the municipality to undertake the demolition work, local sources said.

The "municipality court" ruled that the house should be razed for allegedly being built without a permit, the sources added.

The family received a demolition notice years back when trying to remove tin sheets from their 30-square-meter home, in addition to being charged a $6,500 fine, which has been fully paid in installments. Another $3,250 fine, which should be paid in full by the end of 2010, was imposed on the family after finishing payment on the first fine.

In other developments, Israeli military sources say extremist Israeli settlers are currently readying to “flood” the West Bank and occupied city of Jerusalem with thousands of settlement units immediately after announcing the end of the so-called settlement freeze on Sept. 26.

The Israeli Maariv newspaper quoted Israeli military leaders as saying that Israeli circles are setting their sights on massive building campaigns throughout occupied Palestinian territories, in which thousands of settlement units will be erected the morning after the end of the settlement freeze goes into effect and announcements are made to resume settlement activity.