Coptic Solidarity calls on Mubarak to make peace in his country first
Coptic Solidarity calls on Mubarak to make peace in his country first
Sunday, September 5,2010 20:01

A Coptic Christian rally assembled outside the White House during Mubarak's visit to Washington. They chanted: "President Mubarak Make Peace in Your Country First!” referring to his futile efforts in Mideast peace talks.

A press statement released by the rally's US based Coptic Solidarity, maintained that the Egyptian regime, represented by Mubarak, is responsible in what they described as a partner in the persecution of the Copts.

Coptic Solidarity said: "Mubarak brought back Coptic persecution to the level experienced under the Mameluke era (1250-1517) in Egypt. Under the rule of President Mubarak, more than 1500 of assaults on Copts have occurred, without any appropriate punishment given to those responsible or compensation given to those inflicted.”

"We want the whole world to know the oppression, violence and attacks on churches and property of the Copts under Mubarak's rule," said one rally participant. "They are targeting the Coptic family."

US-based Coptic activist Magdy Khalil stated the real reason behind Mubarak's US visit, arguing that the visit was solely for securing a deal for his son, 47 year old Gamal's bequeathal of power. He added that the Copts believed that Mubarak's regime sidelines the Copts and does not care for their wellbeing.

Mr. Khalil further stated, "He needs to get the green light from USA and Israel on one side and the Muslim brotherhood inside Egypt on the other, and that Copts are not important to factor in for the regime. “

Magdy Khalil asserted to Egypt 's daily Al Dustoor newspaper that the Copts benefited from wide media presence monitoring the Mideast talks, stressing that it helps them deliver the message that Egypt 's Christians are still being prosecuted to some degree to the world. He accused Mubarak of neglecting his country's priorities, including the Copts in his country while pursuing the Palestinian issue.