NDP parliamentary nominations postponed to end of month
NDP parliamentary nominations postponed to end of month
Wednesday, September 8,2010 20:33

 In an unprecedented move, the governing National Democratic Party has delayed nomination of its parliamentary candidates to 29 September.

"The decision was taken to give NDP branches throughout the country more time to scrutinize candidacy applications", al-Sherif stated.
In a statement to Almasry Alyoum Sheriff stressed
“The NDP vies with other parties for the confidence of the public stressing that competition represented the "essence of democracy".
According to Sheriff, based on a decision made by the NDP's executive board.
 Any party members accused or convicted of state-funded medical treatment violations were excluded from candidacy.
Sherif added that the board had also discussed suggestions submitted by Refaat al-Saeed, head of the leftist Tagammu Party and representative of a four-party opposition bloc, on means of ensuring fair parliamentary races.
“We are keen on holding free and fair elections within the framework of the constitution and laws governing political rights,” al-Sherif said, asserting that the final word rested with the Egyptian voting public.