MB students launch new reform and awarness campaign across university campuses
MB students launch new reform and awarness campaign across university campuses
Monday, October 4,2010 10:32

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students launched new campaign across universities’campuses called “The Reformers” or “Islahyoon” in Arabic, to promote their message of peaceful reform and cooperation.


“We launched this campaign to explain to all students who we are as Muslim Brothers, and our vision for reform, based on the moderate Islamic views, which we promot,” said head of Islahiyoun at Cairo University.

 MB students running the campaign admitted Islahyoon is also aimed at spreading political awareness among fellow students ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections, which they described as “critical” for Egypt’s future.

 MB students seemed eager to point out to past mistakes, and promised to approach all students with open arms, and expressed willingness to be an inclusive not exclusive movement.

 “We all make mistakes of course, we’re young,” said one MB student, adding “But we try to learn from our mistakes by listening to our fellow students” , “We’re ready to talk with anyone, including Copts, with whom we would like to work, and students belonging to other trends.”

Islahiyoun’s busy schedule will include a peaceful march, student galleries, handouts,  magazines, and events promoting the MB ideology, in addition to a documentary--which they produced and performed--portraying the assassination and funeral of Hassan al-Banna, founder of the MB.

Furthermore, MB students are also planning to run for student union elections across Egypt, despite of government oppressive measures, intimidations and the various bureaucratic obstacles they always face to discourage from running.

Some of these harsh measures orchestrated by the government have already reached the newly born Islahyoon, where 11 students running the campaign have been suspended or dismissed at Alexandria University, while physical clashes have taken place between Islahiyoun organizers and campus security at Munoufiya University. 

 However, MB students, like their elder Brothers outside university campuses, are determined to continue on the path of peaceful reform, despite the oppression and injustice.