Police intimidate protestors arresting 20
Police intimidate protestors arresting 20
Monday, October 11,2010 20:06


A Misdemeanor Court in Alexandria is expected to deliver a verdict on October 17 on the trial for an appeal filed by the Alexandrian activist Hassan Mustafa convicted of beating and slandering a policeman. Lawyer for Mustafa, Mohamed Abdul Aziz, ascertained that the testimonies presented by witnesses brought in by the Interior ministry are fabricated and are simply aimed at terrorizing political activists to deter them from taking part in any protests.

According to Mustafa an active member of the Popular Democratic Movement for Change (PDMC) which opposes President Hosni Mubarak's rule and the Emergency Law, violations of human rights and corruption a policeman beat and dragged him during a demonstration over the Khaled Saeed murder.

Riot police, surrounded the court house where dozens of Mustafa's young supporters rallied outside the court shouting slogans and raising banners condemning torture and police harassments. Close to 20 protesters were arrested and there whereabouts remain unknown.

Mohamed Mustafa the defendant's brother accused the regime's coercive apparatus of getting more violent and brutal against young people. He believed that the regime was intimidated by the younger generation who proved to be force behind any of society's changes.