MB MPs denied voting cards by the Egyptian Authorities
MB MPs denied voting cards by the Egyptian Authorities
Friday, October 29,2010 15:37

 The Nasr City Police Station denied requests by Muslim Brotherhood MP Essam Mokhtar, to receive a voter ID card, on the grounds that he belongs to a politically banned organization.
Mokhtar explained that he and his lawyer went to the Nasr City police station to apply for a voter's ballot where he was informed he was not registered. "We were told to wait and were surprised by a phone call from an undisclosed location informing us that my name was deleted from the electoral roll", he said.
This prompted Mokhtar to submit a formal complaint against the police officer to the Cairo Security Directorate and another to the Interior Ministry and the Higher Election Commission.
In a related context the Sahel Police Station in Cairo also refused to enroll MB MP Hazem Farouk, for the 2010 parliamentary polls or issue him a ballot Card. Similar measures also took place with the candidates in the 6th of October constituency.