Bahrain’s run off polls less intense then first round
Bahrain’s run off polls less intense then first round
Saturday, October 30,2010 23:53

 Run off polls were held in Bahrain with two Sunni Islamist and a leftist alliance contesting the last 9 seats in parliament.
The Elections held last week resulted in Bahrain's main Shiite opposition group, the Islamic National Accord Association (INAA), securing 18 seats in the 40-member Bahraini parliament.
Compared to the first round, voting was less intense in the run up.
The INAA had boycotted Bahrain's first election after the 2001 political reforms which turned the emirate into a constitutional kingdom. Its head, Sheikh Ali Salman, had demanded the relaxation of the grip by the pro-Western Al-Khalifa family a Sunni dynasty which has ruled Shiite-majority.

The parliamentary polls could  see for the first time a female candidate namely Munira Fakhro, from the secular Waad group, running in one of two key second-round races, held in nine districts in which no candidate obtained a majority in the first round.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, The National Islamic Forum, was pitted against another Sunni Islamist group, Al-Assalah, in the race.
According to elections committee member, Judge Khaled Ajaj more voters were expected to participate during the final hours of voting.